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WZIG On-line Sponsorship

Get your company name on the radio
Population in WZIG listening area: 320,000
Commuters: 180,000 Daily
Web Listeners from here and everywhere

Sponsor-acknowledgement style announcement makes listeners want to know more.  They love those who support non-commercial music and programming.

"WZIG appreciates the support of Acme Hardware, 10101 US19 North in Palm Harbor, acmehardware.com, 727 999-9999."

Brevity has a bigger impact.  Shouting drives customers away.

  • You can send/drop off a check to WZIG, 36625 US 19N, Palm Harbor FL USA 34684 (at Snappers Plaza; across from Innisbrook US 19 entrance, @ 19 and Citrus Dr.)
    via bank/debit/credit below. 
    Ziggy has to pay a 3% fee on bank/debit/credit unless you use the SECRET at the bottom.

    No Paypal account required - Click Here for instructions

    Rates are per announcement.  No minimum.  No Production fees.  Simple.

    Announcements are scheduled 2 to 5 days after payment.  In a hurry?  please and get confirmation before paying. 

Rates - select pull-down arrow on right
Enter Name, Phone, Web Site to be announced
Enter street address to be announced

Click Add to Cart button, then enter quantity and UPDATE


Can I mention my product? 

Soon we will add the ability to mention a GENERIC product ("Steaks"), at a higher rate.  We are not allowed to specify brands - "Omaha Steaks".  This crosses the line between a sponsor acknowledgement and an advertisement.

What else is not allowed?

Prices, specials, calls-to-action ("come to our grand opening"), comparisons (coldest beer, highest quality, fastest delivery, low prices, etc.), political ads and anything that actively promotes a company or product.

Are non-profits exempt from these rules?


For now, we must stick to the script:  name, address, phone, web site.  Listeners appreciate it.


SECRET donation method for Paypal users that AVOIDS the 3% paypal fee:

Log in to paypal; Select SEND MONEY; select I'M SENDING MONEY TO FAMILY OR FRIENDS; pay from bank debit or paypal balance;  NO FEE for you OR Ziggy!

Palm Harbor Radio Inc. is a non-profit IRS 501(c)3 charity and donations are tax deductible.

Auto-donate subscribers who want to make a change can  

Questions?   Please be very patient - this is a one-dog non-profit operation.


(Thank you!)